B r e d a 7 5 0

Manhattan aan de Mark

This contest-painting was drawn in 2002 for the celebration of Breda 750 years
The poster of this artwork could be seen throughout the city during the month of December
A futuristic design at busstops and billboards

Wilhelminastraat Breda
Wilhelminastraat Breda
Breda 750
Ontwerp Breda 750
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- Technique : Pastel(crayon)+ Acrylic + Ink on board
- Dimensions : 70 x 100 cm. 2002

Bibliobussen / Librarybusses

Bibliobus ( Midden- en West-Brabantse Bibliobussen )
Midden- en West-Brabantse Bibliobussen
Postcard by Lupa Mares

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