VIII : Myths

Mythical abstractions

' Drag the Trojan horse within the walls ' A 'Trojan horse' was used to liberate the city of Breda, on the 3th of March 1590, by using a peatboat filled with soldiers

Trojan peatboat (Turfschip)

Trojaans Turfschip van Breda (Trojan Peatboat) - Oil on wood © 2003 - 46 x 56 cm.

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Troy, an impression of a windswept city
News Press Eye-tiles ( Oogtegels )
Trojan Horse

Trojan horse sculpture inspired by the vase ( or amphora ) of Mykonos and Vergilius ( Aeneļs )

Dimensions L. 95 x W. 30 x H. 64 cm. © 2007
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