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Short Curriculum Vitae Paul Hermans : about myself...:

I was born in the city of Breda in the south of the Netherlands and grew up in an artistic environment, which influenced my creative talent. I consider myself a born artist so after studying architecture I fully dedicated myself in being a fulltime contemporary artist.

My interest in mythology goes back a long time and translates itself into most all of my work. It is part of my being and while working it's ancient history comes to me in the here and now and opens windows to the future. This personal signiture is a natural part in all of my paintings, sculptures and poems.

There are many samples from my previous projects including the very latest... If you are interested in any of my work or request additional information just e-mail me with your questions, comments or concerns.

Please visit my other websites as well.

www.PaulHermansFotografie.nl en www.PaulHermansBreda.nl

For contacts (voor nadere informatie): info@paulhermans.com

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